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Rapeseed oil equipment manufacturing processes

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Preparation of edible vegetable oils are generally two ways: compression method and leaching. Press method is to use physical crushing method is to use chemical leaching principle, using food grade solvent oil extraction mode. Leaching method first applied in developed countries, oil extraction technology is internationally recognized as the most advanced production technology.
Preparation of the press law and the leaching of oil is called crude oil, can not be directly consumed. Crude oil contains many impurities, including raw materials and leaching process to extract or produce. Some impurities on the human body is extremely harmful. Crude oil, rapeseed oil equipment through further processing to remove impurities and other ingredients to become edible oil products. To process crude oil from oil products in general, including degumming, neutralization (acid), bleaching, deodorization distillation. In other words, the press and leaching preparation of oil is crude oil, leaving the crude oil into refined oil, it must undergo a chemical refining process.
Rapeseed after cleaning, crushing, softening, flaking, after steaming and roasting processes such as by pressing law or legal system of crude oil extraction. Mechanically extruded into the crude oil called machine pressed crude oil, oil pretreated (or press cake) using the solvent extraction of crude oil made from crude oil called leaching. When rapeseed oil equipment for processing, generally the first press to take the oil, then the cake after pressing through leaching and then take the oil.

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